August 08, 2017

It happened again!

It happened again! And the subtitle would be "How to change something bad in an opportunity".
So here's the story: I have a limited internet connection, this means that when I've used all the GB available in my monthly package I'm cut off of the Internet (unless I want to navigate at 256k, sort of Flinstone's age!). Upgrading to a higher package is non-viable as I'm not willing to pay 100 or more euro to be connected so when there are no GBs left I only have two options, either get frustrated or change the bad situation in an opportunity. I chose the second one :-))

Having no internet connection turns out to be a blessing! I'm much more productive, I take more photos, I have better ideas, I write more, I produce more art and feel better :-))
Being forced to stay away from the net has helped me start out with analog collage (I'll write a post about it soon), increased my creativity and led me to write more posts on my blog.

Believe or not, an internet connection can trap you against your will and suck a lot of your time without you even noticing.
Here's an example:
You check your email boxes every 10-15 minutes because you never know if something important may come in and you don't want to miss answering back as soon as possible, you read the morning news and end up watching a video about whale and dolphin salvation and decide to make a donation to the WWF, you open facebook to wish your friend a happy birthday and end up writing down that avocado recipe that looks great, you get an email from one of your 30-50 subscriptions and decide to take just two minutes to check out that funny article about a lost dog that walked 100 miles to reach his home, you scroll the Instagram just to have a quick look on how many followers liked your latest photo and while you're there you record a video for the story stream, you open that youtube video your sister suggested to watch and it's so addictive that you go check the author's site, read a couple of articles and subscribe to his newsletter, you check the weather forecast to plan your weekend but an ad on the right hand side catches your attention with a super special discount on that bikini you were thinking to buy so you click on the ad but in the meantime you get an email from amazon reminding you of that book you added to your wish list and that you totally forgot about so you open the link to read once more customers reviews........and the list can go on and on and on.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these situations? I did, that's why I'm not going to wait for my total data usage consumption, I'm not going to wait until it happens again. I decided to take 1 day off a week from the internet to recharge my creativity and do useful stuff. Like cooking that avocado recipe :-))))

August 04, 2017

Preparing artwork for a client from the United States

It's always very exciting to prepare an artwork for a client. While I'm packaging the image I often wonder where will it be hung, how it will look like in the house/office/space and always hope for clients to send me photos. Might sound silly but I put so much love and effort in my artworks that when I send them it's like sending a tiny part of me as well :-)
Well, hope that "Tribute to Frida" finds a great place in its new home! Flying to the United States!

"Tribute to Frida" is part of the collection "Me in many ways".

July 29, 2017

Featured on Saatchi Art collection

The image with all the red leaves falling is mine, it's called "Fall" and I'm happy to see it again featured in this collection.
I only sell my limited edition prints through Saatchi Art so obviously I'm really glad and honored when one of my images is chosen by an art curator for their week collection. It means visibility, it means my work will be seen by more potential clients and it means that all my published portfolio can be visited and eventually lead to a sale.
So if you haven't done it yet please go have a look at the "New This Week 7-24-2017 Collection" on Saatchi Art and once you're there go have a look at my artwork portfolio as well :-))) Then, if you still have some time, check all the amazing artists and works that are published in the site!

Thank you!

June 14, 2017

New works from the series "The traveler"

"Spin and dance" from the fine art photography series "The traveler" by Alessandra Favetto 
"Jump" from the fine art photography series "The traveler" by Alessandra Favetto 
"Moon catcher" from the fine art photography series "The traveler" by Alessandra Favetto

I'm a bit late with my blog updates, sorry, but this means I'm busy with work and creating new work so that's good news :-)) Here are my latest images from the series "The traveler"which had a nominee in the Fine Art Photography Awards (read my post here).
From the top: "Spin and dance" - "Jump" - "Moon catcher"
These are limited editions of 20 prints each, 50x50cm, that you can purchase through Saatchi Art --- if you would like different sizes please contact me.

June 10, 2017

Honorable mention Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris

Alessandra Favetto Honorable mention Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris

Very happy for this new honorable mention at the Px3 2017 Prix de la Photographie Paris. I submitted new photos of my series "Allegories of life, lessons of nature" in the Fine art category and I'm very grateful for this award. The jury selected winners and honorable mentions from thousands of photography entries from over 85 countries. So many talented photographers participated in the competition; you can view all the winners here >

May 29, 2017

Featured in Dodho Magazine

Very thankful to Dodho for the feature in their magazine. They published several photos from my series "Fábula y drama de la soledad" and they look great in their magazine.
If you don't know the magazine check it out! It's full of great artists and stories and lots of inspiration.

May 23, 2017

Meditating on storms in life

Meditating on storms in life

Life is easy but humans like to make it complicated and view only the negative things that pass into their lives.
No one is exempt from the storms of life. When they hit you it's like being in a desert storm, everythings turns dark and it's impossible to find a way out. No matter how much you struggle, turn around, escape or hide sand will always find its way through your body.
So the best thing to do when a storm arrives is to keep calm, stand fierce and listen to what the storm is trying to teach you. More than anything trust that everything that happens to you in life is a blessing and has a purpose so live positively, overcome your fears and enjoy!

I like this quote from Robin Sharma's book "The saint, the surfer and the ceo":
“For your life to be great,
your faith must be bigger than your fear.”

May 10, 2017

"Snowland" new artwork

"Snowland" is my second work from the collection "The traveler". I had real fun mounting this image because I had to create everything from zero: the two ladies walking in the snow (self-portraits), the snow landscape, the trees on the back and the snow falling. It was a great challenge but as usual the nice part of it is the process itself and see how the image grows :-))

This artwork is available as a limited edition print at Saatchi Art.

May 01, 2017

4 months of reading

The flourishing book

Today I'm sharing the books I've read in the past 4 months. I love reading and I love books, the real ones, no digital. I love to see them on my shelves, I love to smell them, I like to underline the paragraphs that inspire me and write down on my notebook the phrases that "touch me". Time is always too little to read all I want but here's the list of my january-april readings:
  • Autobiography of a Yogi - This is a must read! Despite the 500 pages it's a very easy and touching book that will open your mind and your heart.
  • Draco Daatson's Book - This book is by the italian writer Salvatore Brizzi, specialized in esotericism and alchemia. This book makes you stop and meditate about who you are. 
  • The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - This is one of those books that you should read on a daily basis (just a chapter is enough) in order to maintain joy and achieve a sense of peace and fulfillment. Highly recommended, it can change your life!
  • Steal like an artist and Show your work - I fell in love with these books by Austin Kleon. I think every artist (but not only) should have them because they boost your creativity, they're very funny and inspiring and give you a mental push when you need it. I already read them twice and still keep them on my desk to open them when I need them :-))
  • Siddharta - A super classic by Hermann Hesse! One of those books that you can read over and over again. This book is all you need for a spiritual journey of self-discovery because at the end we are all like Siddharta. Love it!
  • Collage: Contemporary Artists Hunt and Gather, Cut and Paste, Mash Up and Transform - This is the first collage book that I bought and I found it very inspiring and stimulating.

Hope you enjoyed my book list :-))
Waiting to hear what was your favourite book. 

Image: "The flourishing book"

April 24, 2017

New artwork "Learn to fly"

Fine art surreal photography by Alessandra Favetto

So here it is! "Learn to fly", one of the new artworks of the series "The traveler" that was awarded a nominee in the Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 (I wrote about it here).
This new collection is a special one for me as it's the first time I combine self portraits with surreal fantasy atmospheres. It all started with some photos I took with a blurred long exposure setting and playing around with huge backdrops (from my pet photography arsenal!). I wanted the figure to be identified as a human being but ethereal at the same time. These photos were sitting in my hard drive for a while (months!), waiting for the right time and inspiration to be used. Luckily they came to life in this traveler collection :-))

This artwork is available as a limited edition print at Saatchi Art.