May 23, 2017

Meditating on storms in life

Meditating on storms in life

Life is easy but humans like to make it complicated and view only the negative things that pass into their lives.
No one is exempt from the storms of life. When they hit you it's like being in a desert storm, everythings turns dark and it's impossible to find a way out. No matter how much you struggle, turn around, escape or hide sand will always find its way through your body.
So the best thing to do when a storm arrives is to keep calm, stand fierce and listen to what the storm is trying to teach you. More than anything trust that everything that happens to you in life is a blessing and has a purpose so live positively, overcome your fears and enjoy!

I like this quote from Robin Sharma's book "The saint, the surfer and the ceo":
“For your life to be great,
your faith must be bigger than your fear.”

May 10, 2017

"Snowland" new artwork

"Snowland" is my second work from the collection "The traveler". I had real fun mounting this image because I had to create everything from zero: the two ladies walking in the snow (self-portraits), the snow landscape, the trees on the back and the snow falling. It was a great challenge but as usual the nice part of it is the process itself and see how the image grows :-))

This artwork is available as a limited edition print at Saatchi Art.

May 01, 2017

4 months of reading

The flourishing book

Today I'm sharing the books I've read in the past 4 months. I love reading and I love books, the real ones, no digital. I love to see them on my shelves, I love to smell them, I like to underline the paragraphs that inspire me and write down on my notebook the phrases that "touch me". Time is always too little to read all I want but here's the list of my january-april readings:
  • Autobiography of a Yogi - This is a must read! Despite the 500 pages it's a very easy and touching book that will open your mind and your heart.
  • Draco Daatson's Book - This book is by the italian writer Salvatore Brizzi, specialized in esotericism and alchemia. This book makes you stop and meditate about who you are. 
  • The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - This is one of those books that you should read on a daily basis (just a chapter is enough) in order to maintain joy and achieve a sense of peace and fulfillment. Highly recommended, it can change your life!
  • Steal like an artist and Show your work - I fell in love with these books by Austin Kleon. I think every artist (but not only) should have them because they boost your creativity, they're very funny and inspiring and give you a mental push when you need it. I already read them twice and still keep them on my desk to open them when I need them :-))
  • Siddharta - A super classic by Hermann Hesse! One of those books that you can read over and over again. This book is all you need for a spiritual journey of self-discovery because at the end we are all like Siddharta. Love it!
  • Collage: Contemporary Artists Hunt and Gather, Cut and Paste, Mash Up and Transform - This is the first collage book that I bought and I found it very inspiring and stimulating.

Hope you enjoyed my book list :-))
Waiting to hear what was your favourite book. 

Image: "The flourishing book"

April 24, 2017

New artwork "Learn to fly"

Fine art surreal photography by Alessandra Favetto

So here it is! "Learn to fly", one of the new artworks of the series "The traveler" that was awarded a nominee in the Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 (I wrote about it here).
This new collection is a special one for me as it's the first time I combine self portraits with surreal fantasy atmospheres. It all started with some photos I took with a blurred long exposure setting and playing around with huge backdrops (from my pet photography arsenal!). I wanted the figure to be identified as a human being but ethereal at the same time. These photos were sitting in my hard drive for a while (months!), waiting for the right time and inspiration to be used. Luckily they came to life in this traveler collection :-))

This artwork is available as a limited edition print at Saatchi Art.

April 17, 2017

This Nominee in the FAPA Awards reminds me of a quote I love

I'm really happy and grateful for the Nominee in the 3rd edition of "Fine Art Photography Awards 2017" (FAPA) in the photomanipulation category with my series "The traveler".

In 2017 Fine Art Photography Awards received 6335 submissions from 89 countries around the world. Winners were selected by highly acclaimed panel of international judges, including: Tim Franco, Nadia Dias, Liza Van der Stock, Matilde Gattoni, Amélie Labourdette, Valery Klamm and Pierre Abensur.
First time for me to participate in this well-known competition together with amazing artists and photographers from all over the world.

I'm not among the winners but I'm truly happy and satisfied about my nominee. Why? Because I've learned to live with passion and enthusiasm, to be grateful for everything that happens in my life, to celebrate every tiny personal and artistic achievement :-))

I always think and meditate about this quote from Arthur Ashe, I love it and it's very inspiring:
"Sucess is a journey, not a destination.
The doing is often more important than the outcome."
I created the art I love, I participated, I got a nominee and I'm happy about it :-)

April 14, 2017

New artwork "Magic flowers"

New artwork "Magic flowers" by Alessandra Favetto

This image is part of the "Me in many ways" collection. This is the same title I gave to another artwork I made with the only difference that is was in spanish "Las flores magicas". Should work more on titleing my works, I know, but there was such magic in those flowers that I didn't bother much :-)))) I always do what I feel so "magic flowers" are always welcome!

This image is available as limited edition print at Saatchi Art.

April 10, 2017

Client from United States

Starting to prepare the limited edition print of "In between" for a collector from United States.
This is image is part of the collection "Me in many ways".
Happy and grateful!

April 06, 2017

How I use and apply textures to my images

I love textures, they give a special touch/atmosphere to an image and I use them in almost every artwork I create.
In my previous post I shared 10 free textures to download and now I want to share with you how I use textures in my works. These are the steps I go through when applying textures to an image in photoshop, let's go!

Find the right texture
First of all I go through my texture library to find out which texture I want to use. This is the hardest and longest part of the process, I try lots of textures before chosing the right one for one particular image.

Color or black and white
I normally work with desaturated textures but colored ones are also a great choice (first image above). I have lots of colored textures so I normally desaturate the one I chose before applying it to the image. Once desaturated I can also give it a special color tone if needed.

Blending modes
Photoshop has lots of blending modes and I usually go through all of them before chosing one. The ones I use more often are:
  • multiply
  • screen
  • soft light
  • overlay
I often duplicate the texture layer as well so I can use different blending modes of the same texture in order to get the result I want.

Turn around and invert
Like I normally do with images as I wrote in this post I always turn around the texture to check which side looks better on the image. I also invert the texture (cmd-I) to see if it can give a different look to the image. This is particularly useful for some textures with grain and scratches.

Strength of texture
I work on the texture to make it match my image by working on these elements:
  • opacity - with the opacity slider
  • light - I add a curve over the layer to darken or lighten the texture as needed
  • layer masks - to erase part of the textures from the image (or the other way around: inverting the mask and adding the texture where I want)
Above, below and multiple
I apply the texture above the main image to make it match the visual style I'm trying to create but I also apply it sometimes below the main image and reveal only some parts with a layer mask. I generally use two or more textures on my images, sometimes I take just a tiny part of a texture so I'm not afraid of piling up layers when I'm creating.

Hope this was helpful!
Happy texture!

April 04, 2017

Textures of CAAC free download

Today I'm going to share with you a set of 10 free textures I photographed at Caac, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo, a contemporary art museum in Seville, Spain. These are textures of the walls of the exterior buildings of the museum.
In the free set you'll find the original color and also the desaturated version which I normally use for my artwork. A total of 10 free textures that you can dowload here.

Hope you enjoy them!

March 29, 2017

"Time to rest" and a tip for photographers

"Time to rest" and a tip for photographers

This is my new work, "Time to rest", a self-potrait square and textured image and this is the tip for photographers/artists: turn your images around!
Whenever I start working on a new photo I always give it a 90 degrees turn until I'm back to the original; I normally do it in Lightroom with my raw file and using the useful arrows at the bottom of the picture. I turn it clockwise 90 degrees, then again, then again until I'm back to the original. By doing this the same image might get a new dimension and can change dramatically. It doesn't happen on all the photos of course but it's worth giving it a try.

I hope you find this tip useful :-)))

You can view and shop this artwork at Saatchi Art.