April 24, 2017

New artwork "Learn to fly"

Fine art surreal photography by Alessandra Favetto

So here it is! "Learn to fly", one of the new artworks of the series "The traveler" that was awarded a nominee in the Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 (I wrote about it here).
This new collection is a special one for me as it's the first time I combine self portraits with surreal fantasy atmospheres. It all started with some photos I took with a blurred long exposure setting and playing around with huge backdrops (from my pet photography arsenal!). I wanted the figure to be identified as a human being but ethereal at the same time. These photos were sitting in my hard drive for a while (months!), waiting for the right time and inspiration to be used. Luckily they came to life in this traveler collection :-))

This artwork is available as a limited edition print at Saatchi Art.

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